I just placed an order online. How do I know the order was received?

For every order we receive, we issue a confirmation number to the customer. Once you get a confirmation number, you can be assured we have received and are processing your order. If you have not received a confirmation, you can call us to determine if your order was processed or not.

When will my order ship?

In most instances, if we receive your order before 1pm, it will ship out the following business day.

If we receive you order after 1pm, it will ship out on the second day following the day your order was placed.

However, there may be instances due to weather or other factors beyond our control where your order may take longer to ship.

When will my order arrive?

Depending on what you are shipping and where the items are being shipped, the arrival date of your package will vary. If you choose a specific shipping time and method, your package should arrive based on those parameters.

Please note that if your package is utilizing free shipping, it may take from 5-10 business days to arrive.

Can I have my coffee arrive today?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make same day deliveries.

Do you give discounts if I buy in large quantity?

Please call 1-800-876-2233 to speak with a Specialist about our Volume Discounts.

I don’t feel comfortable providing my credit card number on line, how do I place an order?

Our website is very secure. All personally identifiable information including your credit card information is processed over a secure connection on secure servers. We use the industry standard for secure ecommerce transactions - Secure Socket Layers (SSL) - to encrypt the information before transmission.

Can I modify or cancel my order once it’s been placed?

Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order as quickly and accurately as possible, it is not possible to cancel or make changes to your online order, once it has been submitted.


What are your shipping options?

We offer a full range of shipping options including Standard Ground Delivery, Three-Day Air, Two-Day Air and Overnight delivery.

How are your items shipped?

All orders are shipped through United Parcel Service (UPS),  Federal Express (FedEx), and United States Postal Service (USPS).

Do you ship internationally?

No, we currently ship only within the U.S, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

No, unfortunately, given the size, value and contents of our packages, we must ship to physical street addresses only.

Can you tell UPS/FedEx to leave the package if I am not home?

UPS and/or FedEx are responsible for the package and will use their discretion. In some cases a signature is required for delivery. In this case a delivery attempt meets our delivery guarantee.

Do you call before you deliver?

Our packages are delivered by UPS, FedEx and USPS; these drivers will not make telephone calls before delivering.

Why did I not receive email notification that my order shipped?

If you have a registered email address with us we will send out an email notification when your order ships. If you have scheduled your order to arrive at some future date, you will receive an email notification of shipment at that time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not satisfied with something I receive?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, we will work with you to make it right.

Can you send free samples?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send samples.  If you are a corporate customer in need of samples, please contact us with the form on the bottom of this page.

I heard that there may be some health concerns with decaffeinated coffee. Is that true?

All of our coffee products, including our decaffeinated products go through a stringent quality assurance and safety protocol, follow all strict FDA and other federal and health
guidelines, and are safe to drink. Regarding decaffeinated coffees specifically:

We use two different processes to extract caffeine from our coffees to make them decaffeinated depending on the coffee.

Organic Decaffeinated Coffees

  • Our organic coffees use a natural carbon dioxide process where pressurized carbon dioxide acts as a solvent and is circulated through a bed of beans to extract or pull out the caffeine.
  • Only natural carbon dioxide and water are used in the decaffeination process.

Conventional Decaffeinated Coffees

  • Our conventional coffees use the methylenechloride (MC) process where the methylene chloride liquid solvent is circulated through a bed of beans to extract or pull out the caffeine. Once the caffeine has been extracted, the decaffeinated beans are washed to remove any residual solvent.
  • Food and Drug Administration regulations allow up to 10 parts per million of residual methylene solvent, but the coffee decaffeination results in trace amounts much lower - approximately one part per million (or 1/10th of the FDA limit).
  • The FDA says the likelihood of any health risk from methylene chloride was so low “as to be essentially non-existent”.

We stand behind all our decaf products. For more information and references, the National Coffee Association has a wealth of resources and guides available about this topic here: https://www.ncausa.org/decaf

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